Religion Sat, 10 Jan 2009

The God Of Ghana

Immanuel Enoch A. Agbozo

Have had calls and enquires on Election 2008. In one of the enquires, one Paul K. Acquah has asked “Is the God of Ghana NDC? Please clarify.” We want to respond to this to clarify the issue and contribute to discussions on the GOD of GHANA.

The response is straight NDC IS NOT and cannot be the GOD of Ghana, nor any political party nor personality for that matter.

We are aware and can testify without any doubt or controversy that JEHOVAH GOD, Father of Jesus Christ is the God of Ghana and that CHRIST JESUS is the King of Glory and Governor of the country. That the spiritual standing and glory of Ghana as BEULAH LAND, GOD KINGDOM GLORY STATE and STAR of AFRICA is standing intact and unassailable. Ghana is shining and shall continue to shine as THE PEOPLE CHOSEN, REDEEMED, MARRIED and MADE HOLY UNTO GOD. That God has made His Temple and dwelling place in Ghana.

We are aware in this regard of the serious challenges posed by three main factors during election 2008:- These are; 1. The general ignorance and ingratitude of the people of Ghana as to the election, redemption and great works by the Almighty God to place Ghana on the pedestal of shining light and star of glory in God’s plan for the reconciliation, redemption and restoration of glory to Africa. 2. The deliberate rejection of the Knowledge, Will and Hand of God in the affairs of the nation consistent with modern thinking, politics and governance in the world. 3. The deliberate consultation and invocation of Satanic powers and added to that the exploitation of the superstition in the land, and the coercion and herding of voters by threats of curses of the gods.

The combined effect of these is to create a spiritual and political atmosphere of confusion, misdirection and chaos. For example, the Christian community in Ghana is divided among the political parties obviously for reasons other than knowledge of Divine will and direction. Otherwise, considering the numbers and spread along the country, and the spiritual mooring of the leadership of the parties, the voting pattern and outcome of the election would have been different.


It is common knowledge in this respect how much prayers have gone out to the Lord on the election. And prayers are great weapons. Nevertheless, without proper knowledge of the will of God on the matter, prayers outside the knowledge of the will of God can only cause wrong signals and spiritual confusion. People perish for lack of vision and knowledge. AND A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND, giving the impression as though either that GOD HAS ABANDONED HIS INTEREST and WILL for the country or that SATAN HAS WON THE BATTLE FOR GHANA.

Yet it is true to say that IT IS THE PRAYERS of THE SAINTS and the GOODWILL of PEOPLE that have made it possible for Ghana to remain intact and compact and not break down due to the tension and challenges of the election. The truth is that it is GOD by CHRIST and GHANA that have won the victory and not any political party or personality, certainly not Satan.

The comments we give here are only meant as contribution to the discussion on WHO IS THE GOD OF GHANA. We have instructions not to comment on the election yet. Soon, when we have the permission and utterance we will declare the MIND of the LORD GOD JEHOVAH on the election proper.

But suffice to say here is that we all need to give thanks and praise to God Almighty for the peace and stability of the country in spite of everything. Glory and thanks be to the GOD of GHANA. He is in control.

Behold, our God, the God of Ghana reigns, now and forever more. Amen!

Source: Agbozo, Immanuel Enoch A.