Religion Fri, 31 Jan 2014

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Bible remains intact after gas inferno

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Comment: HOLY BIBLE---Par Excellence !

Rev. David Frederick .Arhin,M.A.Th.
2014-02-04 16:35:48
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Bible remains intact after gas inferno

Everyone who has the Holy BIBLE at heart and possesses a copy of the BIBLE--believing in its contents and practicing the holy teachings of the prophets and the Great Commandments {plus the Decalogue} and the Teachings,Character and life of CHRIST JESUS of GOD ALMIGHTY will escape the torments of floods and conflagration as well as other freaks such as quake,volcano,etc as exemplified in the lives of Noah and his family;Abraham's nephew Lot;Moses,Joshua,Caleb,Aaron,
etc.The latest example in Ghana is the second testimony in recent times.A man-in-charge of gas and his Holy Bible were untouched by a gas tanker explosion at Tema in a couple of years ago;though the blaze consumed one of the workers and injured others-- Both stories testify to the infallible and conquerable Word of God over inexplicable freaks---some divine;but some from the evil one and his cohorts.{Psalms 62:11-12}.To God be the Glory!

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Rev. David Frederick .Arhin,M.A.Th. on Feb 4, 16:35
HOLY BIBLE---Par Excellence !