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VANITY O VANITY (Part I) Enoch Immanuel A. Agbozo

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity, says the Preacher.

Ghana has been struck by a mighty bolt. The spirit of vanity, a general predicament with man has risen to heights unheard of, unseen and unprecedented in the history of the nation. The Ghanaian generally humble, modest and God-conscious, hospitable, caring and friendly has in recent years become an arrogant, self-centered, materialistic, indifferent, idolatorous and flamboyant person. The spirit of vanity is holding millions in captivity. As a result, immorality, dishonesty and robbery, the abuse of office, trust and power are now the virtual norm in life and conduct in Ghana.

Again, because of the hold of the spirit of vanity on the minds of millions, corruption, embezzlement, fraud and thievery, cheating, lies and flattery have become an acceptable way of life. Indeed, the pursuit of vain glory is receiving warm reception and acclamation in Ghanaian society as a whole.

There is thus, a rising trend in the defilement of children, sexual perversion and to a lower extent rape, impunity in the defiance of authority, order and sound conduct. There is open and unhindered disregard of rules and regulations and conscienceless and impudent breach of law and order. Violence, roguery and demagoguery are now even being openly practised in schools, in politics, management and governance. PEOPLE DO AS THEY PLEASE. Although there is much religion, nonetheless as would be expected there is no truth of scriptures, and no knowledge and fear of God.


On top of it all, idolatry and Satanic (fetish/juju) power have raised high selfishness and materialism, evil and wickedness, self- or ego-worship and the worship of mammon (money) in the land. All this is vanity.

As the Bible says in Psalm 39 verse 5, verily every man at his best state is altogether vanity. In Ecclesiastes 6: 11-12, we read, “Seeing there be many things that increase vanity, what is man the better? For who knoweth what is good for man in this life, all the days of his vain life which he spendeth as a shadow? For who can tell a man what shall be after him under the sun.” (KJV) When the spirit of vanity is reigning, declares the scripture, surely every man walks about like a shadow, “surely they busy themselves in vain; he heaps up riches and does not know who will gather them.” (Ps. 39: 6)

It is here that the knowledge of God, the wisdom and counsel of the ages, rules and regulations, legal, moral, social and cultural stipulations combine to guide, conduct, help to build restraint, subdue human negative passions and raise standards against the ravaging forces of the spirit of vanity and wickedness in men’s hearts, minds and lives and in society.

It is obvious that, for the knowledge, light, counsel and way of God to prevail in private and public conduct and national affairs as a whole, there is need for a HOLY, RIGHTEOUS, FAITHFUL AND VIGILANT CHURCH fully informed, knowledgeable, equipped and fortified in Christ and the Truth, Light and Way, Authority and Power of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. The Church is to disciple nations and bring the knowledge, light and way of God, sanity and sound spiritual and moral values and help establish sound standards in the political, economic, social and cultural affairs in society and nation. The Church is the dwelling place and hope for the knowledge of God and of RIGHTEOUS, GOOD, HEAVENLY APPROVED AND ACCEPTABLE CONDUCT in the land.

Similarly, the nation needs spiritual, legal and moral uprightness in political order and governance, in business and professional conduct and in relations as a whole in society. This is done generally through education at home, church and school on one part and on another, sound, righteous and morally correct legislation, wise and exemplary conduct in political and administrative processes, business and professional ethics and above all responsible reliable conduct from the seat of government. Only the righteous can build a righteous and godly nation. (Proverbs 29: 2)

The Bible enjoins all peoples and nations therefore to worship God and seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness and establish same as basis of life, conduct and management of affairs. (Matt. 6: 33; Matt. chaps. 5, 6 & 7) This is a requirement of impact and consequence far ahead of economic, health and welfare goals. (Mark 8: 36-37)

It goes without saying therefore that outside the home the Church and Government are two principal agents for the establishment of standards of conduct to abate, minimize and mitigate human deposition to vanity and the evil consequences thereof. The two bodies deal with character, conduct and life, spiritual, political, legal and institutional structures and exemplary conduct and arrangements for a peaceful, righteous, just, honest and progressive society. They are both Divine instruments for contending with human passions, frailty and evil and wickedness in the ordering, building, establishing and running of a peaceful, righteous, just, morally upright and godly life, people, society and nation.

Unfortunately, instead of the spread of the knowledge of God and exemplary conduct for a righteous and godly nation, the Church and Government in Ghana have become the most guilty agents in the spread and rise of the spirit of vanity and the connected forces of unrighteous, unjust and immoral, evil and wicked practices in the land. This is because of the teachings, practices and conduct of both Ministers of Church and State, church leaders and elders as well as politicians and public servants. The Church elders teach, disciple and equip the flock, people and nation. The politicians and public servants formulate policies, run state/government institutions and services and establish and manage institutionalised conduct.

Thus, corruption, embezzlement, fraud and robbery in the nation can be placed at the door of Church and government, ministers of Church and state on one part, and christian leaders in politics and the public services, business and the professions on another part. In Ghana there are many Christian and Moslem teachers, top executives and business tycoons yet corruption, indiscipline and vain glory are the way of business and life in most sectors of the economy.

For example, a government minister can order a departmental director, the managing director of a state bank and the manager of a contracting firm, all of whom can be christians/moslems to rob and siphon off funds, to misdirect, undercut and mismanage projects all for personal or group advantage and gain.

Similarly, there can be collusion between and among ministers of state, departmental directors, accountants, lawyers, police and judges to misapply law and misdirect justice. And many, if not all such players can claim to be christians/moslems.

All these evil, unrighteousness, injustice and wickedness are the fruit and manifestation of the spirit of avarice and vanity. Their primary aim is to heap riches and to maintain power and position no matter the cost. All is vanity.

June 15, 2010 immanuelenoch@yahoo.com

Source: Agbozo, Enoch Immanuel Amanor