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How CNN reported on 'child slaves' who were not really enslaved

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Comment: There was a Ghanaian leading the charge

2019-03-19 11:56:21
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How CNN reported on 'child slaves' who were not re

It is okay to rationalise or not a problem for academic purposes by the authors and for the fear of sanctions.
In the same way there was a Ghanaian actor from the USA who brought the issue to the fore. Because it is something he was aware of.
The bottom line is children by law are supposed to be in school so not being I'm school alone throughout the country is problematic. Because Basic school to as far as Senior High School under the NPP govt. is free.(FSHS).
So not being with their parents or guardians because whoever they are sent to are going to make them go to school. But they are not going to the school promised their parents but only work especially very long hours on the water fishing beats every imagination of you thesis, Dr of Lancaster University. Please do you not think so.
The children of the practice you are talking about were rightly given a questionnaires or were duly interviewed and the answers they gave in TWI was translated as such.
So why won't the Ghanaian who was translating put in the nuance of explanation you are talking about.
I see hear that because the practice itself was not given a name in the local language in the report (1) and because this time it is affecting the Twi (tribe) side that you are defending the wrong Doctor.
On the other hand on the opposite side of the lake is the Ewe side who internationally suffer the same faith and we're rescued too.
Could it be the practice is so pervasive such that if it affects one tribe it is bad to talk about. These children speak the same language as the author and of course the president and the communication minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah who also came out to complain about CNN reporting the truth.
But as a Ghanaian I do not see any thing wrong with the report that was true because it was what the children said they are; slaves, no schooling, no wages 12 hours of fishing on a dangerous lake.
By the way the other issue is the public health issue of deaths of these kids drowning from fatigue. So what are the statistics? Have the complainants the Lancaster man and the government found out how many of these kids die or get injured doing these "chores" and not wor

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CAPTEIN on Mar 19, 2019 11:56
There was a Ghanaian leading the charge