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Akofa Edjeani born 20 February 1969 is a Ghanaian veteran film actress, producer and entrepreneur. Her short film, "Not My Daughter" (a film about female genital mutilation), won Best Short Film award at the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in 2008 and "I Sing of A Well" the movie she starred in and co- produced as well, won three awards and the Best Jury Award from African Movie Academy Awards in 2010.

She holds a bachelor's degree in Arts from the University of Ghana Performing Arts and a certificate in PR, Marketing and advertising from the Ghana Institute of Journalism (1995).

She started her acting career in 1987 and made her debut in Annette and Jagger Pee TV series. She also starred in Ultimate Paradise in the 1990s. She is the owner of ''Fali's Hot Pot'', a restaurant in Accra. She was on the semi finals judges panel for the 2009 International Emmy Awards (Asia/Africa/Middle East).

kofa has produced :

I Sing of a Well - a 2009 drama about Prince Wenambe, who hands the little kingdom of Kotengbi over to Mansa Musa.


For Better For Worse 1995

Divine Love

Holby City

My Mother's Heart 1&2

Life in Slow Motion

Pieces of Me

The Cursed Ones

Children of the Mountain

Sidechic Gang

Lucky Azali Cant Say Mother Dark Spot Fools in Love Not my Daught