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Cape Coast, Ghana

Nana Wiafe Asante Mensah aka ASEM is one of the hottest young acts in Ghana's evolving Hiplife industry. He basically came from nowhere to take Ghana by storm.

His controversial track, Give Me Blow became the most sought after and most transferred/ Bluetooth song among Ghanaian youths when it was unofficially released. His style is mostly enjoyed by urban youths, but his combination of Twi with English lyrics makes his appeal to rural Ghana.

He is touted as one of the artists to lead the evolution of Hiplife into what has come to be known as GH Rap. This is a fair mix of crunk and other emerging forms of American hip-hop with traditional Hiplife.

Asem has a remarkable ability to put together mind-boggling lyrics laced with humorous punch lines and grasping metaphors and it seems he can never go wrong. He built a strong desire to grow into a master entertainer and lyricist from listening to hip-hop with his older brothers at quite a tender age.

Despite picking up the love for music at an early age, it was in St. Peter's Senior Secondary School that he nurtured his talent. He found himself in an environment filled with people who shared his dream to be a star in the entertainment industry.

Together they formed the group Frontliners with the hope of recording an album after school. But this fell apart as they found themselves in different tertiary institutions.

Asem enrolled in the Ghana Institute of Journalism from 2006 to 2008 for a diploma in communications studies. With the help of Richie, a singer/producer/sound engineer and C.E.O. of Lynx Entertainment, Asem rediscovered and reinvented himself.

He aims to reach beyond the shores of the African continent with his unique style of music. His inspiration comes from his admiration for artists such as K.K. Kabobo, Reggie Rockstone, Kris Kross, and Ludacris.

He recently shot a video for Pigaro another hit song from his yet-to-be-released album. When he is not down with his books or not outperforming or not in the studio, he hangs out with pals, reads a novel, or watches a movie.