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Born Beatrice Amoateng-Aikin and Doris Banahene-Handt, partly from the Ashanti and Eastern Regions of Ghana,the Canadian-based Ghanaian singing duo of sisters Doris and Beatrice(known as B&D within the gospel music fraternity), were part of their church's choir,which gave them the training and discipline that has shaped their music today,from infancy.

The group has been performing individually and collectively for quite a number of years now years by using simple harmonies to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and through the unique sound arrangements.Uniquely,they compositions are able to stay fresh,mainstream and contemporary.Although long with music,the group started doing music professionally and as a ministry 3 years ago.

They launched their debut album titled ‘Winner’ in November of 2007. The album was released in Canada and songs like “Onyame Nsa Wo Mu” (God’s Behind it) and ‘Winner” became instant hits among the Ghanaian community mostly, in Canada, USA, Germany and other parts of Europe.

Now back home in Ghana, B&D have just completed work on a ten-track album titled in the plain but authoritative question, “Who Go Fit Challenge God?”…. and this is what the album’s content answers directly.According to the duo, “………. taking all that have happened in our lives into consideration and how God has acted in every situation, no befitting rhetoric question comes to mind except these five words; Who Go Fit Challenge God? In fact, not a soul can challenge Him!’’

The new work, “Who Go Fit Challenge God” is largely angled towards mainstream appeal but will occasionally reflect contemporary gospel elements in some of their compositions.Relaying praise,worship,thanksgiving and admonishing messages,the album incorporates rhythmic flavours of highlife, Nigerian music,zouk and reggae in low,mid and high tempo fashions.

According to Beatrice, the leader of the group, God has blessed them with the gift of song-writing, and they draw inspiration from the scriptures and experiences in life. “The new album is breath taking, I am happy to say God blessed us this time by surrounding us with the right people for the album. I want His gospel to be heard in every household and I want the album to be a blessing to every individual that will listen in Jesus name”.

Already, the album is receiving a lot of plaudits in Ghana with videos of hits ‘Meyi Na Aye’(I Will Worship Him) and ‘Mekwa Nna Nyinaa’ (All the Rest of My Life) on huge rotation on TV and as well as their audio on radio. The album promises to establish them as true inspirers and worshippers. “Who Go Fit Challenge God” is out on the market and will be ceremonially launched in Canada soon and later in Ghana.