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Bernard Mornah

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Bernard Anbataayela Mornah has Masters in International Development and Economics from the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (University of Applied Science) Berlin, Germany, and a BA in Economics and Sociology from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana in 2003. And now LLB Student at Mountcrest University College, Ghana.

He is a Managing Partner of Ndaana Ghana Ltd, Chief Executive Officer of Gateway Savanah Ltd, Vice President of Saharan Economic and Financial Consortium, and Chairman of YIRIYELA Ent.

Currently, he is the secretary of the ECOWAS Interim steering committee of Forum of West African Political Parties (FOWAPP).

He has worked in both public and private institutions such as Regional Coordinating Council, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Law Trust, Beacon Insurance Company, Institute for Policy Alternatives, Ghana, FES/Youth Agenda, in Kenya. He was the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the AfHF LOC Africa Hockey Nations, the Secretary of the Kwame Nkrumah Centenary Planning Committee that planned and implemented the yearlong activities.

A Programme Development Officer & Research Fellow, with many years of commitment to research on local development and public policy issues. He has focused on working with community-based rural organizations to provide citizen groups with the opportunity to assess public policies.

He played an influential role in organizing the youth to become equal players in political discourses; facilitated the training of youth campaign teams and developed long-term programs of actions for political parties.

He founded the Tertiary Institutions Functionaries of the PNC, rose to become the National Youth Organizer), and has since been the General Secretary.

In his evolving career, he seeks to synergise and network with entities across the world for the benefit of better policies.

In lieu of his diverse background as a farmer, economist, politician, and business person, he is a constant guest of many media houses in Ghana.