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PLM Powerful Laud Marcus

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PLM, affectionately known as Powerful Laud Marcus due to his explosive baritone and rebel music, hails from the Cape Coast of Ghana. As the great-grandson of legendary Ghanaian statesman and world-renowned educationalist Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir Aggrey, PLM carries on a proud family history of intellectual and spiritual service to the people of Ghana (and abroad).

Though his moniker would imply a lineage of aristocracy, he humbly proclaims his origins as the son of everyday people. He simply signifies that I have I submitted myself to The Almighty King of Kings, he says with the melodic brogue of his native tongue, Akan.

Though a highly regarded linguist and mentor to some of Ghana's top selectors (musicians/MCs), PLM was himself disinclined to submit to the hierarchy of the music industry. Unwilling to dilute his message to gain commercial success, PLM instead dedicated his talents to cultivating the craft and character of himself, his people, and a burgeoning Ghana hip-hop scene.

To date, his success has been established much in the way as the prophets of old who sought not riches, but righteousness- and in doing so were bountifully rewarded by the people. Subsequent to the encouragement of Akyeame, who not only featured PLM in two of their hit videos but also produced and featured on PLMs blistering smash single Barima Mu Barima (translation: A Man Among Men), that PLM came to fully appreciate the power of the mass media to deliver his message for this message.

His acclaimed independently released ep entitled Message for This Mess Age (Wusuw Kumoo Sounds) also featured the production and performances of other Ghana music industry heavy hitters such as Charlie Universal Beatsman Scalf, SAINT saint KANKAM, Swaazi B & the crooning songstress Yvonne O'Djan and the United States Lord Justice of Just-Ice Entertainment.

Message For This Mess Age (Wusuw Kumoo Sounds), though not through the mainstream pipeline, in fact, surged its way throughout Europe and even the United States where it was serendipitously discovered on the Tennessee mixtape circuit by the prolific American renaissance man/artist SUNN.

SUNN was so impressed with Message (particularly Barima Mu Barima) that he too immediately sought to collaborate with PLM. Through the miracle of modern technology and some old-fashioned artistry, the pair created the infectious socially conscious party anthems, timeless spiritual ballads, and HipLife Flavas.

With substantial comparisons to his influences and contemporaries_ such as Alpha Blondy, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Saul Williams, Tupac Shakur, and Buju Banton_ PLM remains humble.