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Papa Shee is a highlife & hiplife musician from Ghana based in the US. He is known as the Wonderboy and has graced many Ghanaian entertainment events in the USA. Papa Shee was also the first Ghanaian musician to release a DVD on the music scene.

From Papa Shee-

"I want my song to sell but more importantly, I want to perform live for people who love music" Make no mistake, the Boy Wonder called Papa Sheee is a phenomenal legend in his native country Asante Mampong, Ghana and his intoxicating rhythms and lyrics are sweeping the hearts of many here in the US today. Dancing since he was six years old, he became known early in his teenage years as a lead dancer for many famous Ghanaian recording artists such as Dady Lumba and the late Mr.AAA (Akwasi Amphofo Adjei) Prophet. His fluid moves made him a sensational dancer traveling all throughout Ghana. Shee always had a love for creating beautiful music and involved himself as an independent recording artist back in his early teens so it was no surprise that within four months of going solo he came out with his first album. Mr. Sheee put a whole new twist of flavor on the Ghanaian music scene and people took notice right away that his music was exciting, intoxicating, and uplifting. All age groups are attracted to his music and in Africa, Mr. She`ee always keeps his fans happy by being one of the most exciting stage performers there is. He seems to plan his dance moves as he writes his songs. Deejays love to mix his tracks with hip hop, R&B as well as highlife, the melodious music of his motherland Ghana. Right away he was recognized as a phenomenal performer. His first album was recorded in Ghana, his second in London, and his third, fourth and fifth were in Germany. Most of all, Papa Shee's was the first musician to come out with a DVD in Ghana Music Industry. Every album he has released contains infectious songs that enjoy massive airplay throughout Africa and now that he is recently based in the US people are taking notice of the catchy and diverse rhythms the Boy Wonder is capable of producing. It is no wonder in his short time here he has received an award at the African Hollywood Awards for Best African Hip Hop Artist. Also received the first place Award from African idol (USA). So far he has done over 300 performances and his largest was at the Independence Square in Ghana where President Bill Clinton spoke to over 500,000 people in attendance during his "Gateway to Africa." His second-largest was at the Accra Stadium in Ghana with about 40,000 people in attendance for the soccer tea. His biggest show in the US was in a New Jersey park with about 17,000 in attendance. Mr. Shee believes success is "when people accept your music and influence once you have their heart." He wants people to keeps focused, think positive, and feel good when it comes to his music and everyone who takes hold of his music does just that. Before I begin my thanks and start to categorize each person that has a big influence in my life and on this DVD, I must first pay the highest honor to the creator of all mankind, Jesus Christ.