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Shasha Marley

Sasha Marley
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Takoradi, Ghana

Shasha Marley has been singing since he was a teenager and has since been an amazing audience with his talents. He comes on stage in a hood over a matching cassock and a sash.

Described as the Monk on the Lose, he lets out his captivating voice and takes over the stage with an incredible stage show. Ingenuity and sheer prowess characterize his performances.

He has recorded alongside several top artists and has won several awards to his credit. When the Hall of Fame multi-Grammy Awards winner, Isaac Hayes heard his music, he said “Wow, this brother is pure talent, he and I are going to do great things together, and sure enough, they have.

He has also led 15 top Ghanaian artists in an all-star musical collaboration which was produced via the sponsorship of the Johns Hopkins University as a benefit against HIV/AIDS in Africa. He is truly a musician with a heart and has really been at the forefront of the war against HIV/AIDS using music to break stigma as he goes from village to village touching orphans.

Growing up, Shasha was inspired by such great artists as Bob Marley, Winston Rodney (Burning Spear), Steel Paulse, Jimmy Cliff, Nelson Mandela, and many others. 'Tell Freedom', which was his debut album became a hit as soon as it was released. This was followed by several other recordings which have done equally well on the African Music scene.

During the first Miss Universe (Ghana) Beauty pageant show organized by Media Touch Productions and Essence International, he tore the house down with his exclusive performance.

He was also invited by the Libyan leader, Muammar al- Gadhafi to perform to all African Presidents during the last Organization of African Unity (OAU) summit, held in Tripoli in the year 2001. He has performed to tourists and music lovers at all the entertainment spots and centers both home and abroad, but it was his debut album that ironically placed him on the African musical map.

His stage monk-like outfit is credited to the Franciscan Friars. He finds the life of Saint Francis of Assisi very interesting. Although the Saint was very wealthy, he left the comfort of his home to live with the poor and the needy in the slum, to fight for the cause of the poor.

In 2007, he released his most successful album yet, Lost And Found. Apart from enjoying massive airplay on radio and TV, he was the toast of several performances throughout the country and beyond. He even topped the Kenyan charts as well.

His efforts were crowned with two Ghana Music Awards in 2008 for Best Male Vocal Performance and Best Reggae Song of the Year (Maata Family). He has toured Australia extensively and his music is loved across Africa.