Opinions Fri, 30 Jul 2010

A Struggling Ghanaian Brother

I will cover my eyes with dark ashes

I shall pretend to be blind

I shall retire my legs from walking

So that others could call me cripple

It's not that I feel defeated

Because the battle isn't yet won

There was a time when I stood tall

But now I only stand to fall

Greed has shamed my house

So, poverty has sent me in search of wealth


I must go into hiding before the dawn

This man made paradise isn't my home

Here I am just another face in the crowd

Here they call me a beggar behind my back

Here the call me the Black devil

I eat honey which turns bitter in my mouth

Only God knows the trouble that I have seen

Indeed, if I am only as strong as my burden

Then I will carry on just the same

With the hope that my heart doesn't cave in


Sweet memories lay broken underneath my wings

How quickly time has flown

They told me to seize the moment

But the moment was bound for tomorrow

And now all that I have got left

Is the memory of yesterday when I was

I know what was written by the hands of fate

I read it with my own two eyes

But now that it has come to pass

I wonder how fate ever came to know


I know that Ghana needs me back home

But I cannot leave now

To whom shall I return empty handed

Nobody loves you when you lose

They expect me to return with money which I don't have

They expect me to return with cars bought on credit

These unrealistic expectations are killing me

These unrealistic expectations have got me trapped

No, I cannot leave for home now

So, I will stay where ever I am in shame

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The Royal Enoch

Columnist: The Royal Enoch