General News Thu, 27 Oct 2016

Crunch meeting over deplorable conditions of psychiatric nurses

Nurses at the Accra Psychiatric are set for an emergency meeting with the Mental Health Authority Board over the deteriorating conditions at the facility and the deplorable working conditions they find themselves in.

Spokesperson of the Nurses, Jamila Hussein who spoke to 3FM’s Sunrise Morning show said: “Nothing has improved, it’s rather worsening, we’re using only water to clean soiled environment including urine, feaces and blood.” She revealed, “Our Mental Health Authority Board wants to meet the Nurses [today], but we are not sure if they have come to any decision and want to communicate to us.


“However GRNA has also called so we have a Council meeting today after which we will hold a press conference. It will be recalled that the nurses at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital threatened a strike over the deplorable conditions under which they work.

An obviously distressed Jamila lamented, “it makes those of us working at the psychiatric hospital feel so sad, pathetic and neglected. We didn’t expect this. We go to school, get a degree and get this? Why? “I mean we are not asking for promotion, or monies into our pockets it’s just a safety environment, give us the things we need to do our work and this is the results. It’s extremely sad.”

Source: 3news.com