General News Fri, 16 Nov 2001

Disciplinary Committee should be reconstituted - Amadu

Mr Amadou Tanko, former legal counsel for the Ghana Football Association (GFA), has proposed the reconstitution of the FA’s Disciplinary Committee as a means of tickling the football fraternity to develop a new perception about the national football governing body.

In an interview with the GNA Sports, Mr Tanko said he would prefer the Disciplinary Committee to be made up three lawyers, recommended by the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), who have the interest, time and commitment for the game to the present set up which has five members who are mostly not lawyers.

As things stand now it is only the chairman of the Committee who is doing the legal interpretation of the statutes because he is the only legal brain on the committee and that is not good enough.

"When the committee is made of lawyers put forward by the GBA they would be compelled to defend not only their own reputation, but also that of the professional body which nominated them and this would give people the confidence to seek redress at the GFA instead of going to court."

Mr Tanko said even though FIFA and other international football governing bodies frown at legal proceedings in settling football matters, it is still legal to do so in Ghana because all laws are interpreted within the ambit of the constitution.


He said Article 3 of the GFA statutes, which states that "the FA shall in the exclusion of any other association, body or authority, but subject to the laws of the Republic of Ghana, control the administration, development and promotion of amateur, non amateur and professional football in Ghana," permits legal proceedings in matters affecting football.

He said it is a good sign that most litigation, are now being channeled through the disciplinary committee instead of other means that would bring the game into disrepute.

"Even though it might not be ideal for a club to win a match on the field and lose it on technicalities in the boardroom, that is the law and there is nothing anybody can do"

Mr Tanko said the delay in the adjudications of many of the cases portray negative perception about the game, citing a recent ruling by FIFA when United Arab Emirates protested against Iran.

About a fortnight ago FIFA ruled in favour of Iran within 24 hours after UAE had protested against the nationality of an Iranian player. He said FIFA's prompt ruling on the issue calmed nerves and allowed Iran to proceed and honour their play-offs with Ireland, thus preventing unnecessary tension and acrimony.

Source: GNA