General News Fri, 16 Nov 2001

Ex-Shama Boss Raps Govt Over Cocoa Spraying Exercise

THE FORMER Shama Ahanta East Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Col Kaku Korsah (rtd), has described the mass spraying exercise of cocoa going on in the country as a stupid decision which cannot bring any meaningful results.

According to him, the spraying of cocoa has a season and if it is not carried out during the season any attempt to do it would lead to the destruction of the harvest but because the government apparently want to chop the money they are going ahead with the spraying which, to him, would destroy the harvest of cocoa.

Speaking at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Ahanta West Constituency congress at Agona Nkwanta, last Saturday, Korkah said there are a lot of things that the NPP government is doing just to sway the attention of the electorate after failing to implement the numerous promises that they made to the people.

Did they tell us that the Ministers' bungalows, the Castle and Peduase Lodge were in shambles and that they will repair them when they come to power?

Let me tell you, there is nothing to show that Ghana is indeed a HIPC country if you look at the expensive renovation works going on in these bungalows, he said.

According to Col. Korsah, what the government actually promised Ghanaians was that they would cancel school fees, cash and carry, among others, which they have failed woefully to do and have instead resorted to lies just to destroy the NDC party.


Cheered on by the enthusiastic supporters, Col. Korsah challenged the government to come out with the decision they have taken on those who were killed during the Kume Preko demonstrations organised by the opposition NPP to kick against the introduction of VAT which they have now accepted after taking over power.

When we were even going to increase the VAT by 2?% to set up the Education Fund, they kicked against it in Parliament but now they are telling the public that ?98 million has been disbursed from the Fund to secondary schools.

They are telling us at the same time that those who prevented the KumePreko demonstrations were responsible for those who died yet they are maintaining the tax that caused the deaths, he said.

He further said by maintaining the tax, NPP should accept the fact that those who introduced it took a wise decision and stop the unnecessary noise that they have been making.

The former Jomoro chairman of the party, Nana Alex Asamoah, on his part.

called on the leadership of the NDC to mandate all its sitting MPs to adopt at least one constituency where the sitting MP is from the government side and make sure that they visit that constituency regularly to interact with the supporters and also counteract any misinformation going on there against the NDC.

Source: Chronicle