Business News Wed, 1 Aug 2018

ExtraKilos: Your trusted logistics partner

The speed of technological advancement in Ghana has brought the world closer to us than ever. One can make transactions all over the world from their home or work.

This development, however, doesn’t come without complications. Especially in the area of online shopping, one of its main barriers is having purchased goods delivered to you here in Ghana.

It is quite an inconvenience to have what you desire before you and not be able to have it.

Over 90% of USA Online Retail Stores don’t ship orders direct to Ghana and this for years has created a hurdle between Consumers & Suppliers.

Well, stress no further, www.xtrakilos.com is here with a solution.

www.xtrakilos.com – a door-to-door logistics company offering the following services:

– SHIPPING: ship package from the USA to Ghana directly to your doorstep.

– PURCHASING: buy from any USA Retail Online Store to our address or Pay us to buy Online for you.

– LABELS & PICK UP: create shipping Labels and schedule package pick up from any USA location or States.

Did you buy an item on any USA online stores & want to ship to Ghana?

Want to pick your package in USA & Ship to Ghana?

We can provide a shipping label for a package in USA & Ship to Ghana.

We can ship a package from the USA to Ghana.

We want to be the Logistics company people turn to – the first choice for all shipping needs.

Providing timely delivery and world-class Customer Service.

Visit: www.xtrakilos.com

Source: Zylofonmediaonline.com