FIFA's coronavirus money cannot solve immediate problems of clubs – Inter Allies chief

Tue, 7 Jul 2020 Source: Ghana Soccernet

Inter Allies Vice President Delai Senaye is not enthused with the much-publicized FIFA Covid-19 relief fund, saying the amount will not be enough for the clubs.

The fund set up by FIFA is to alleviate some of the hardships on the various facets of the industry in the era of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ghana Football Association (FIFA) is entitled to one million dollars ($1m) that would be paid in two tranches - the first one in July 2020 and the second tranche scheduled for January 2021.

The money is for the use of the FA and also to be shared among clubs that compete in the top-level leagues, grassroots football (Juvenile), lower-tier leagues and women’s football.

“Form me looking at the needs of this industry, those monies they are like a drop they can’t solve our immediate problems let alone our problems,“ Mr Senaya, who is also is a member of the premier league committee, told Starr Sports.

“But those reliefs will create a good and solid ground for our industry to grow,” he added.

Source: Ghana Soccernet
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