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GhanaWeb Poll: Funny Face shouldn’t re-unite with Vanessa – Over 60% of respondents

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Wed, 31 May 2023 Source:

Results from a GhanaWeb poll indicate that over 60% of respondents have kicked against the idea of a re-union between Funny Face and his Baby Mama, Vanessa.

Earlier after passing comments that suggest a possible re-union with the father of her kids, Vanessa suffered wild attacks from netizens who have stood against the idea.

These individuals have emphasized that Vanessa somewhat triggered Funny Face’s mental meltdown and that going back to him, could re-activate that particular state, now that the comedian is healing.

Funny Face and Vanessa have since been topping Twitter trends with netizens insisting that the former should not accept the latter after abandoning the relationship, fleeing with the kids, and causing him so much pain.

However, in a poll conducted to ascertain and gather the thoughts of Ghanaians on the issue, it appears respondents are indifferent about the above assertion.

Out of 2,770 votes cast, 18,832 (65.43%) respondents have disagreed with the move while some 938 (33.5%) netizens are up for it. They say they would not reconsider a comeback if they were Funny Face.

Check out the screenshot below:


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