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Guide your children who want to do Hip-hop; don't force them to be like you - Eno Barony to pastors

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Thu, 1 Dec 2022 Source:

Ghana's celebrated female rapper, Eno Barony believes that she would have had a successful career in music if only her father who is a preacher had accepted her path and offered support at the onset instead of trying to talk her out of her dream.

Eno has opened up about the negative comments directed at her following the release of her latest single 'Don't Judge Me' which featured Dee Wills, the son of popular Ghanaian Archbishop, Nicholas Duncan-Williams.

The award-winning rapper in an interview with 3 Music detailed the essence of parents' support in the lives of their children who somethings don't end up just like them.

"Some people who have hit my DM claim we are rebelling. I don't think so, am trying to let you know that this same person you're condemning. This is what they say that every pastor or man of God spends time preaching to people, they don't have time for their children and so when the devil wants to get to them they do so through their children," she said.

Eno Barony recounted some of her unfortunate experiences with Christians at the church who see her as evil based on her decision to do rap music.

She has been criticized for her style of dressing on countless occasions.

In her advice to preachers of the gospel, she said: "You can have a child who wants to do Hip-hop, yours is to direct the child but you can't force the child to end up as you. They think I am evil but when I pray, God still answers. So don't judge me and think I am evil. The fact that am doing Hip-hop doesn't mean I am bad...if my dad had accepted that I do Hip-hop, maybe I will be more successful than I am now. Because he didn't accept it at the beginning, I had to a parent, you have to guide them and not impose things on them."

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