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I nearly didn't go ahead with Beyonce's feature - Shatta Wale opens up

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Mon, 15 May 2023 Source:

Shatta Wale was the first Ghanaian to have worked on a song with American music star, Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter back in 2019, when the music giant featured on her “The Lion King" album.

The collaboration did the magic for Shatta Wale, however, this was not without stress.

The Dancehall music has opened up about how a Ghanaian who was coordinating things between himself and Beyonce's team complicated the process when in the natural sense, could have been made easier.

"When Beyonce wanted to feature me, I swear to God I didn't want to continue the process again. Do you know why? The Ghanaian that followed and was coordinating for that thing went all wrong about the situation.

"It was this and that...I told him to shut up, don't tell me that, don't shout that. He was like, she said she will come next week, we have to shoot the video now. You see all those things, it doesn't move me," Shatta disclosed in his Twitter Space on May 14.

Despite the challenges, Shatta pulled through to record the monster hit 'Already' and shoot the music video with Beyoncé which later became a favourite of many.

"I did it because I love the fans, that is why I stressed myself. Beyonce and her team actually wanted me to fly with my crew like the way I travel with 16, 12 people but our Ghanaians with their pressure forced me. Now I want to feature Beyonce and I am getting problems. Now the same Ghanaian person can't even get that feature," he expressed his disappointment on Sunday during an interaction with his fans.

Shatta Wale has hinted at producing a second album, KONEKT which will purely be made for Afrobeat lovers just months after the release of his 'MAALI' album.

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