'I twerked to win more souls for God; Arnold is shallow-minded - Brother Sammy's influencer speaks

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Fri, 19 May 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Serwaa Telemo has hit back at her critics including entertainment pundit, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo who described her decision to advertise a gospel show with her backside as foolish.

In an interview with actor Kwaku Manu, Serwaa argued that Ghanaians misconstrued her adding that she has won over 24 souls for Christ through her body.

"Ghanaians failed to understand the whole concept. I indeed shook my butt but I was shaking it for God. I used my body to glorify Him.

"Twerking is my talent, that is not a problem. Those who watched the video read meaning into it. I fellowship at the Church of Pentecost...people had the wrong perception about the video. Someone can see my big butt and repent. One can use her body to win souls.

"There are several people out there who go to church just because of beautiful women. So far, I have won 24 souls with my body...I go to church including prayer services. I am a very good Christain, my pastor is fully aware that I draw people to the church, not just men, women included," she told the interviewer.

Helena Sarfo better known as Serwaa Telemo is famed for featuring in the music video of Gasmilla's hit single 'Telemo' released some eight years ago.

The curvy actress who is known for her highly endowed butt recently made headlines and attracted backlash for twerking in an album launch promotion video for gospel singer, Brother Sammy.

On United Showbiz, Arnold could not fathom why the gospel musician would defile the gospel with an abominable video. He rebuked Sammy, described the act as foolish while charging the singer to stop misbehaving.

But according to Serwaa who was displeased with Arnold's critique, individuals who portray themselves as holy sometimes have skeletons in their wardrobes.

"Brother Sammy was aware that I was going to twerk...we wanted to do something to promote the song and so my butt is winning souls...my act was not foolish, I will say Arnold is shallow-minded...you can't criticize someone, and insult that individual. For all you know, I am a better Christain than him...Shake that body that God gave you," she added.

She also explained the concept behind the viral video which many say was a dint on Christianity. She maintained that although she might have gone overboard, God loves every man regardless of what they do.

"The whole concept was that God loves both saints and sinners and for that reason, even women who twerk could come to the launch of Brother Sammy's album. I didn't tempt anyone, neither was I sexually involved with the singer...I was even on set when Brother Sammy can to me for that endorsement video. He wasn't aware that the video was going to trend," she said.

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