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If you take the children out of the picture, I don't see Funny Face, ex-wife coming together - Caleb Nii Boye

Ghanaian show host Caleb Nii Boye

Mon, 29 May 2023 Source:

Ghanaian show host Caleb Nii Boye believes Funny Face and Vanessa will not work together if the comedian's children are removed from the picture.

In a recent episode of E-Forum hosted by Abrantepa, Caleb provided intriguing insights into the relationship dynamics between Funny Face and his ex-partner, Vanessa.

"Look, if you take the children out of the picture, I don't see them coming back together," Caleb remarked candidly.

From his perspective, Funny Face's love for his children is unmatched, and it takes precedence over any other factor.

Caleb noted that while Funny Face may have lost the romantic love for Vanessa over time, his love and dedication towards their children remain unwavering.

"Maybe as a father, you have a duty to your children, and Yaw (Funny Face), as I know him, has children. Nothing matters to him more than the children. The twins. Nothing matters to him more than them," Caleb stated, highlighting the significance of Funny Face's paternal bond.

However, Caleb also pointed out that the intensity of Funny Face's love for the children might have changed over the years.

While he would still fulfil his responsibilities as a father, Caleb indicated that the depth of emotion might not be the same as it was in the past.

He suggested that Funny Face should focus on providing regular financial support for his children's upkeep, even if the romantic relationship with Vanessa doesn't rekindle.

"I will say he should stick to that, and if the children will come and visit him without their mother, he should accept that," Caleb advised.

However, Caleb didn't shy away from discussing the possibility of Vanessa returning to the family home.

"If the woman attempts to go back to the house, there is a possibility that he will impregnate her," he added.

While this comment may have raised eyebrows, Caleb was likely alluding to the complex nature of their relationship and the potential outcomes if they were to reconcile.


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