J.E Sarpong has questions to answer for buying marijuana for players- Yahaya Mohammed

Tue, 16 Jun 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Aduana Stars striker, Yahaya Mohammed believes veteran coach J.E Sarpong should be invited by the police for admitting that he purchased weed for his players during his coaching days.

Coach J.E Sarpong made the headlines some days ago after claiming that about 60 percent of locally-based Ghanaians footballers are addicted to marijuana and can't perform without it.

"I can say that 60% of the Ghanaian players - both in the Premier and the Division One Leagues - smoke marijuana. I have coached most of them but of course, we have something called coach-player relationship."

"There was a match between Accra Great Olympics and Hearts of Oak. One player came to me and said I should buy him ‘weed’ and we will win the match. I later noticed that he was not the only person, he was sent by his colleagues. I told him, I can’t buy it for him, so I gave him the money and in that game, he was the man of the match. He gave the assist for our winning goal."J.E Sarpong told Angel FM.

Reacting to this allegation in an interview on Accra based Angel FM, Yahaya Mohammed believes coach Sarpong shouldn't make allegations of this sort and go scot-free.

"Our culture frowns upon the smoking of marijuana and the police on countless occasions have raided various places believed to be the hideouts of people who smoke. Some are even imprisoned for doing that yet you encouraged someone to smoke and play football for your selfish gains."

"And here we are in Ghana, he is still walking as a free man. He bought weed(Marijuana) for a player to play football for him. He said it but nothing has been done to him."

"He has questions to answer, they have to call him because I know you can't make such a comment in Europe and go scot-free. They will question you to answer." Yahaya Mohammed told Accra based Angel FM.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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