Journalists poor under Akufo-Addo - Hassan Ayariga

Hassan Ayariga 02.12Founder and leader of the All People

Tue, 11 Jul 2017 Source: classfmonline.com

The Nana Akufo-Addo-led government has not lived up to expectations and Ghanaians must hold the administration accountable, founder and leader of the All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, has said.

“No employment, most of you [journalists] here could have been living somewhere else and doing some better things but there is no job, so even camera you carry,” he stated at a press conference in Accra on Tuesday July 11.

“Some of you [journalists] could have had your own media houses but because of the circumstances you find yourself [in], you are staying there every time because if you stop the job you cannot feed your family. There is no other opportunity for you.”

Mr Ayariga was of the view that if an election were held today, the NPP would struggle to make a good impression and, therefore, advised President Akufo-Addo to up his game, indicating: “Whether he wants to go for another term or not, he should not fail the poor people who voted for him.

“Look at nurses, teachers, they are crying every day. Look at these poor people who thought that they were removing John Mahama to bring in a better person. They thought they were removing the NDC and they were bringing in a better person. Now what have they done to themselves?” he lamented.

“Refer them back to their promises in 2016. We should not allow anybody to take us for granted whether NPP, NDC or APC. No!” Mr Ayariga charged the citizens.

“You people here, you have a long way to go. If this country is destroyed you are going to suffer, not them. Some of you are intellectuals; I have seen a PhD holder driving a taxi. The circumstances beyond our control [are] making us do things that we have gone above.”

Source: classfmonline.com