Kwesi Pratt - A Man of Principle !

Pratt 12.07

Fri, 16 Jan 2009 Source: pfm

.... Condemns Konadu Rawlings

A leading member of the Commitee For Joint Action (CJA), Mr. Kwesi Pratt, has condemned the act of some government functionaries who buy state property. Speaking on Peace FM, Pratt said “we need to be principled, if Mrs. Rawlings bought state property, we must condemn it, it is wrong just like the way Obetsebi Lamptey nearly sold a state house to himself, no matter the process she used in buying it”.

Pratt was commenting on the issue of the sale of Nsawam cannery to Carridem, a company owned by Mrs. Rawlings and others. It was the sale of this cannery that the NPP administration was prosecuting her and later pardoned her just before ex-president Kufuor left office.

According to Pratt, the former first lady might not be corrupt, but it was wrong for her to have bought a state property as a president's wife or a first lady by then, because “she is supposed to know the law”

Pratt also added: “as for me, I will always condemn what is bad whether it is NPP or NDC, if NPP did it and it was wrong, it is also wrong if NDC do it now”

Source: pfm