General News Mon, 26 Nov 2007

Legon says No to NPP Congress

The University of Ghana Legon has said a big No to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), that has scheduled Saturday December 22, 2007 as its Presidential aspirants election day at the Great Hall.

Instead, the University authorities have sent a calm letter pregnant with several interpretations to the effect that the GREAT HALL cannot be available for usage but rather the CATTERIA.

Intelligent sources have it that the letter to the NPP was signed, by Professor Tagoe, Vice Chancellor of the University and failed to list tangible reasons for the non-usage of the facility


Altogether, 2300 delegates were supposed to have touched base at the Hall, alongside at least a little over a thousand others which would have included observers, Party men and women, foreign and local journalists and many others.

The NPP head office were thought to be in limbo and have refrained form returning the compliment and has instead been busy with official woks on documents, dossiers and other tasking Party dictates.

Meanwhile, of the ¢7 billion the Party’s head office has targeted for holding the Presidential aspirants’ election, close to ¢5 billion has been placed into the Party’s Kitty thought to have been realized from aspirants’ ¢250 million cash deposit per person there still remains the possibility of the Party making up the deficit yet the issue of where to hold the election still remains a huge problem.

Source: THE SUN