Press Releases Thu, 26 Sep 2013

Memorial poems for prof. Kofi awoonor sought

Contact: Rob Taylor

Email: oneghanaonevoice@gmail.com

One Ghana, One Voice devotes itself to publishing poems in memory of the late Professor.

Following Prof. Kofi Awoonor’ shocking death last week as part of the Westgate shooting in Nairobi, online poetry magazine One Ghana, One Voice is devoting itself exclusively to publishing poems memorializing the late poet, professor and diplomat.

Poems in memory of Prof. Kofi Awoonor will be published on the organization’s website (http://oneghanaonevoice.com) in the coming days, and have already begun pouring in to the magazine, including poems by such stand-outs as photographer/poet Nana Kofi Acquah.


“The outpouring of grief for Prof. Awoonor’s death, and celebration for his life, has been overwhelming”, states magazine co-founder Rob Taylor explains, “so we are opening a venue for all Ghanaians who feel moved to write a poem in honour of Kofi Awoonor.”

In speaking about why One Ghana, One Voice is undertaking this project, magazine co-founder Julian Adomako-Gyimah notes “Ghana has lost a gem in Prof. Kofi Awoonor and we shall never see any poet, writer, scholar, teacher and traditionalist as influential, honest, humble and selfless like this man in our lifetime.”

Associate Editor Prince Mensah adds that poetry holds a special place in memorializing our great leaders like Prof. Awoonor. He points out that “across Ghanaian cultures, when a great man goes to the village, there are several events that commemorate that man's life. There are dirges, dances, discussions and dedications. Out of all the literary genres, poetry tends to be the kind that symbolizes, and captures, the brevity of our sojourn on earth, together with an appropriate summary of our deeds. The various poems on One Ghana, One Voice evoke the essence of this patriot worthy of emulation.”

If readers have a poem they would like to contribute, or feel inspired to write one, they are encouraged to submit their work to oneghanaonevoice@gmail.com.

The poems will be posted at One Ghana, One Voice as they come in. To view them, visit http://oneghanaonevoice.com



One Ghana, One Voice was established in March 2007 as a joint effort by Ghanaian poet Julian Adomako-Gyimah and Canadian poet Rob Taylor. The magazine profiles a new poem and poet every Saturday.

More information or interviews can be arranged by contacting Mr. Rob Taylor at oneghanaonevoice@gmail.com.