Opinions Wed, 24 Jul 2013

Mr President, please give us one more chance

The aftermath of the D.C.E rejection and matters arising.......

For the second time within 10 days, Asante Akyem North has rejected the Governments nominee for District Chief Executive for the new District, but @ what price? The outcome, 20 votes out of 31votes, just a vote shy from the magic two-third votes required to make Mr. Paul Kingsley Averu, the first DCE for the newly carved district. I am inclined to believe that the votes were neither based on political nor ethnic lines. But was that really the case?? That would be very unfortunate, because the district especially Agogo township, have attained the present developmental status by accepting and working with people of all walks of life regardless of their political, religious and ethnic backgrounds. The Agogo Presbyterian Hospital, the Agogo Nursing Training College and currently the Presbyterian University, are some of the institutions that have embraced the concept of an all inclusive and hands on deck approach in their day to day administration. Those who stand for development, as against self-centered greedy politicians, know when politics ends and development starts. We as residents in the district cannot play politics with the development of our new district; else our district is bound to fail. We should learn to respect and live with people of varying ethnic and political backgrounds; else our district will start on a wrong footing on the path to development.Ask yourselves honourable Assembly members, is this the precedence we want to set for our district?

Where other districts are already executing and implementing developmental projects, we (AAN) are still yet to get a DCE, a situation that has remained so since 2011(even when Agogo was part of the ANN Municipality) and Thomas Osei Bonsu was sacked as MCE.

So to my NPP assembly members in ANN, who voted on party lines and rejected the nominee on that basis alone, have you lost confidence in the current case pending @ the Supreme Court??? For all appointments and positions become null and void should the courts decide in favor of the petitioners....so what prevented you guys from voting for the current Presidents nominee for the sake of development of our community on a temporal basis, until the courts decide otherwise???

To spearhead development requires knowledge, long standing experience, commitment and dedication. With that being said, only those who do not know Mr Paul Kingsley Averu, with regards to his background, experience, humility and commitment to the development of this district, will make unguarded statements such as, the President made a wrong nomination, he does not come from the district, he is an NDC candidate and the like .Are we still playing politics to the detriment of the development of our dear district when election is over?. As a citizen of Agogo, I have known Mr Kingsley Averu for more than forty years. Mr Paul Kingsley Averu was born at the Agogo Presbyterian Hospital, raised at Agogo and currently works at the Agogo Hospital as a Biomedical Scientist. He started his education at the Agogo Roman Catholic Primary School and completed St Augustine’s Middle School at Agogo in 1978. He is a product of School of Medical Laboratory Technology, Korle-Bu and University of Ghana, Legon. He has attended Short training courses in Osaka, Japan; and Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a staunched Roman Catholic and currently works as the deputy chief Biomedical Scientist at the Agogo Hospital. He has spent all his working life serving the people of Asante-Akim North as a health professional.

The development of this diverse district will require somebody who can responsibly guide in the preparation of an all-inclusive development plan, someone who can unite the various political divides, the diverse ethnic and religious groups and channel our limited resources toward the attainment of our development goals. This is not political party matter, not ethnicity, neither is it longstanding political activist nor party loyalist. Let us think development first and what we can do to help develop our district rather than being good critics.


The President could not have given us a better candidate and we need to embrace him. Honorable members, who did not know Mr Paul Kingsley Averu, please give him the chance to serve us.

Mr President, please give us one more chance.

Thank You.


Agogo Ash Akim

Columnist: YamoahPonko