General News Thu, 13 Dec 2018

My mother caused it - Ken Agyapong tells weird secret behind his character

Famous NPP MP, Kennedy Agyapong, has finally revealed the secret behind his aggressive nature and attitude.

According to the politician, his mother, while pregnant with him, was given a concoction by an old man in Wa, to drink.

The old man, Ken Agyapong said, even in those days when technology was not available to tell the gender of a child, prophesied that the mother would have a son, and it was so.

He explained that his mother conceived him in Wa, where she lived while pregnant for his father who was a teacher there. This is contained in a report sighted by YEN.com.gh on Mynewsgh.com.

“In 1959, my father was teacher at Wa that is where my mother conceived me. What she told me was that where they were staying was an old man who always brought her traditional koko when she was pregnant.”

“My mother said the old man will always bring the traditional koko to put something in and tell my mother that she would give birth to a son who will be great in future.”

“That time there was no technology to tell whether a child, unborn child, will be a boy or a girl. But the man told her she would have a son and it was so,” Agyapong narrated.

He revealed further that his late mother even found it extremely difficult to understand the kind of person he was considering how he spoke his mind freely without fear or favour.

He added that his mother was unable to contain his open criticisms and wondered what at all was put in the porridge by the old man who prophesied greatness in the unborn Agyapong at that time. Truly, Agyapong is a man known not to mince words at all.

He has consistently criticised his own party and government led by President Akufo-Addo.

He had labeled the government as corrupt, and recently said the NPP had no competent people to oversee the affairs of the country.

Agyapong was also on record for saying that Ghanaians should blame the cedi depreciation on the government.

He also recently blasted the government when “dumsor” raised its ugly heads again, saying after being in power for two years, Akufo-Addo should have no excuse to solve “dumsor”.

He also said if the NPP does not take care, 'killer' port charges would send it to opposition.

Source: yen.com.gh