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No executive of IMANI met Menzgold privately – Bright Simons refutes NAM1's claims

F3ee57cd Bright Simons?resize=1000%2C600&ssl=1 Honorary Vice President of IMANI Africa, Bright Simons

Fri, 30 Dec 2022 Source:

The Vice President of a policy think tank, IMANI Africa, has debunked claims that his outfit had a private meeting with Nana Appiah Mensah of Menzgold or the management of Menzgold.

According to Bright, no meeting of any sort has been held with the company on any subject.

Nana Appiah Mensah, popularly known as NAM1, said in a December 24 tweet that the truth about IMANI's involvement with Menzgold will be unraveled with time. According to him, an earlier meeting with IMANI that has been documented and safely "vaulted" is available to back his claims.

He wrote: "Time has painfully conceived. It will certainly birth the TRUTH one day."

NAM1's tweet was in response to a statement made by the President of IMANI, Franklin Cudjoe, on December 24 that read, "NAM1 must be smiling and waving at us now. This life no balance".

However, Bright Simons responded by saying "IMANI as an org has never met Menzgold or its founders/execs in any context. 2. No exec of IMANI has met them or Menzgold privately on ANY subject EVER. 3. The suggestion that some info in a "vault" relates to secret meetings is ENTIRELY false & borders on defamation."

Bright Simons also noted that the claims by NAM1 were "perverse and actionable at law".

Meanwhile, the IMANI Veep referenced a GhanaWeb article with the headline "Menzgold has become a public policy issue - IMANI suggests way forward" to point out that the only analytical work done on Menzgold by IMANI urged SEC, not BoG, to take the lead & questioned the gold-based business model. That is it."

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