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No grounds to prosecute Nyantakyi - Lawyer Larbi Amoah

Legal practitioner Larbi Amoah says there are no grounds to prosecute Kwesi Nyantakyi for his conduct in the Number 12 video of Anas Aremeyaw Anas and the Tiger Eye Pi investigative group because the government lacks the competence to trial the former GFA boss in the country per the criminal procedure.

“All the noise that was made on social media when Nyantakyi was invited by the CID has died now. Some people judged and concluded the case immediately but that is not how the law works. Law has so many branches. ” Larbi Amoah Esq. told FootballmadeinGhana.com in an exclusive interview.

“Even where Nyantakyi said those things that appeared in the video (Anas video), if you look at our criminal law, one cannot try him in Ghana in terms of jurisdiction. No, he cannot be tried in Ghana because he didn’s say them here.” the Medeama lawyer explained.

“If the government has enough grounds, they would have prosecuted him already. Have we asked why Nyantakyi is still a free man? Since when did the incident happen? That is back way back in June this year. That is why in matters of law, we do not hasten to draw judgments. We say the wheel of justice grinds slowly. If there is a case against Nyantakyi why can’t they trial him.” he quizzed.

Source: Footballmadeinghana.com
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