Obom: 26 health workers traumatised after military raid

Soldier1 It is alleged that some of the workers were asaulted by the officers

Thu, 27 Aug 2020 Source: atinkaonline.com

26 health workers of the Obom Health Centre are traumatised after military men raided the entire community to search for perpetrators who allegedly inflicted cutlass wounds on two soldiers during a clash over a disputed land.

The Administrator of the facility, Adam Dramani alleged that the Military officers fired gunshots indiscriminately during the arrest of the civilians.

Adam Addramani also alleged that some of his workers also “received several slaps."

He also said the military mistakenly arrested his worker thinking that they were part of the perpetrators.

Due to the unfortunate incident, he complained that workers are refusing to go to work adding that two are on admission.

Adams Dramani appealed to the military men to temper justice with mercy because many workers are leaving in fear.

Meanwhile, a source close the Military high command indicates that one of the military guns used by the two soldiers has been found.

Source: atinkaonline.com