General News Mon, 10 Dec 2018

Police open probe into sexual assault of British girls at gunpoint

Greater Accra Police Command has started looking into how four British girls and their teacher were sexually assaulted at gunpoint on Saturday.

Official information on the incident is scarce, however, British newspaper The Sun, reports that the victims, ages between 16 and 17, had been staying in a walled guesthouse where the attack occurred.

They were part of a group of ten on a charity mission to Accra. The attacker allegedly shot and wounded a security guard on duty at the guesthouse before reaching the young British girls. The security guard had attempted to stop the attack.

“It is believed a Ghanaian security guard was shot and seriously injured after trying to stop the sickening attack on Saturday night.

“The pupils, aged [between] 16 and 17, flew to Ghana on the trip that was meant to give them the ‘opportunity to experience life in a developing country’.

"The girls and their teacher, who cannot be named, were understood to be recovering from their traumatic ordeal in a British hospital on Sunday night,” the paper reported Monday.

According to the story, the accommodation, which had a caretaker and a security, was close to a beach and the teenagers were staying in rooms of up to six at the site.

The victims were flown to the United Kingdon on Sunday and treated at a British hospital after their ordeal, according to the The Sun.

Although it has been difficult to get police officials to comment on the incident, police sources tell him that an investigation has started in full swing. The matter is being handled at the Police Headquarters, the police sources said.

Meanwhile, the British High Commission in Ghana will also not give details about the incident but says it is “providing support to several British nationals following an incident in Greater Accra and in close contact to local authorities.”

Source: JoyNews