Opinions Fri, 7 Oct 2016

President Mahama, stop your lies, Ghana's economy is not robust

By Justice Sarpong

President Mahama on campaign tour in Yeji, Brong Ahafo resorted to his knack for lying to Ghanaians as usual about the true state of the Ghana economy by saying he has built a robust economy.

What is so disgusting and showing no respect for Ghanaians by insulting our intelligence is that, after telling us Ghana's economy is robust, he then contradicted himself in the same speech by asking Ghanaians to give him four more years to alleviate poverty.

It is being alleged in the corridors of power in Ghana that, President Mahama is addicted to alcohol and his speeches at times lend credence to this allegation. You really have to be drunk to even open your mouth and say Ghana's economy at the moment is robust unless you are a Third Class History graduate as our President is and lacks basic economic lessons.

Maybe if our President will take off his sunglasses he even wears indoors, he will find out that our economy is stagnant and deteriorating faster than the Usain Bolt hundred meters dash. Maybe Mahama saw a robust economy when he was posing as Usain Bolt or he was inebriated.


Somebody needs to take that flask filled to the brim with pito that he carries around even on foreign visits. Mahama's robust economy can be regarded by practical minded individuals as chimerical and you have to live in lalaland to even think Ghana's economy is robust.

How can you have a robust economy when you have a 45 billion dollars economy with a debt of 90 billion dollars?

How can you have a robust economy with inflation hovering around 18%?

How can you have a robust economy with Unemployment hovering around 35%?

How can you have a robust economy when workers sometimes have to work over a year without being paid?


Fortunately for Ghanaians, Mahama's lie about a robust economy was exposed a day after he "drunkenly" said that when IMF came out with this report:

General News of Wednesday, 5 October 2016

IMF warns of possible full-blown financial, economic crises in Ghana

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is warning of a full-blown financial crisis for Ghana if aggressive measures are not taken to check government's rising debts."

When you have kakistocracy and plutocracy government all weaved into one and being propagandized by school children Ministers and drunks, you end up in a mess our country is in. I do not mean to exaggerate the deleterious influence of Mahama's eristical behavior but there is no way around it.


What is robust economy?

"In economics, robustness is attributed to financial markets that continue to perform despite alterations in market conditions. In general, being robust means a system can handle variability and remain effective."

Can Ghana pass this robustic test when we have had "DUMSOR" for the past seven years that have resulted in companies folding up, people losing their jobs, people losing their lives etc and this President instead of apologizing for all the hardships he has created can mount a podium and gleefully mock us by telling us he has created a robust economy whilst at the same time telling us he has laid down a solid foundation for economic activities to take off if he has four more years? You have to be a drunk when you continue to lay foundation after foundations.

President Mahama told us in 2012 that he and President Mills have built a foundation and he needs four more years to propel Ghana's economy. We gave him four years and he is still building foundations. Give him another four years and the foundation building will continue because this guy will continue to be in stupor since nobody can take that flask always filled to the brim with pito away from him.

Mahama does not need another four years but we owe him a one way ticket to put him in one of his branded buses back to Bole-Bamboi so that he can become a farmer he intends to be. We owe him a bus ticket and not another four years for him to deepen the misery of Ghanaians whilst he schools his numerous children abroad.


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice