General News Wed, 25 Feb 2004

Private Militia In Secret Training?

According to the GHANAIAN DEMOCRAT newspaper, an anonymous informant last Friday fervently requested that the government should investigate reports that a Ghanaian group made up of some former dissidents is recruiting people into a militia for special military training.

According to the source, the group has so far recruited about 2,000 people for the training.

The source said that the intention of the group was to use the militia at the appropriate time to intervene in the political affairs of the country.

He understood the ?appropriate time?, the source explained, to mean sometime during the coming electioneering campaign, when it appears to the group that the party of its choice will not win the elections.

When asked which the party of the group?s choice is, the informant said he did not know, but he believed that the clue to the answer would lie in whether the NPP and its government are aware of the groups existence and its activities.