Opinions Mon, 3 Jul 2006

Re-positioning Black star ready for 2010 World Cup Football.

? These are some marketing strategies that Ghana could rip from Black Star brilliant show down.

? Football is a multi-billion-dollar affair, Ghana should never underestimate this.

? Ghana Football Association must now focus on generating more funds to train and develop more youths.

? Football training cost is soaring high yet Ghana does not have that pot of money earmarked to tackle this daunting challenge.

? A window of opportunity in the heat of the moment, with Ghana Black Star flag high means Ghana needs to cash in quick engaging in money generating initiatives.

? Marketing strategies and workable marketing plan need to be explored promptly by GFA and the Government with effective strategies.


? Huge photos of Stephen Appiah, Michael Essien and others at our Airports would boost our tourism initiatives and economic aspirations.

? Our Golden Tree Chocolate may need to be rebranded have photos of the players on the chocolates. Ghana needs to bend with the wind.

? We need to have our own footballs, trainers, curtains, and paper napkins with the names of our squad on it. Also table cloths, kitchen towels, flower vase etc in the Ghana National colours for sale to tourists and ourselves as memorabilia.

? Stamps, mugs, posters, plate mats etc may need to have the profile of the our players on them.

? Towns where these players originally come from may need to have photos of their hero in their Universities, Secondary Schools, Nursery and Primary schools, Libraries, community centres named after them just until the next 4 years. Anything to link the players to a town or cities or villages is crucial.

? All our Embassies around the world may need to have photos of our players in their foyers to remind people.


? Travelling agencies all over Ghana need to follow this example.

? The sale of T-shirts, flags, pencils, rubbers, and art & craft souvenirs also to use photos players hence raising our profile at all times at our Airports.

? This is an effective way of promoting Ghana in a positive way.

? Biographies of the players need to be publicised as the world would need to know more about the teams

? Museum may need to have huge photos of our players to attract the youth of today visiting such places.

? Pity Ghana does not have a “Madam Tussaud” Museum, however but we could make our own with plaster casts or mud statues of the players etc.


? Schools in which the players attended may need a make over just in case the world would like to trace the footsteps of our squad.

? We as a nation may need to consider the honour give to our squad from now. Our players have had the world exposure and there fore are no longer the people we used to know!

? Ghana as a nation and Africa as a whole need to give due respect to our players.

? These are opportunities for any organisation to capture with marketing initiaitives.

? Ghana must grasp this wonderful opportunity to re-position us on the global map using all marketing competitive advantage of Black Star, advancements and our natural resources in the way of tourism..

? If Ghana have such qualities on the cards then all we need to do is to flaunt it to the whole wide world.

? As a nation we must capture the Euphoria Black Star is given to Ghana. Everyone open loves sensitonal news. Hence, we must consider cashing in on these opportunties shared.

? Africa as a whole need to keep the momentum going until 2010.

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Columnist: Bolus, Mercy Adede