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Anger on social media after popular YouTuber says Nigerians go to UK to ‘hustle’ not for degree

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Wed, 24 May 2023 Source:

There appears to be an outrage, particularly by Nigerians and some Ghanaians on social media, following some comments made by popular YouTuber, Emdee Tiamiyu in a recent interview.

Emdee whilst speaking to BBC in an exclusive interview while responding to a question about why there appears to be an infiltration of Nigerian students in the United Kingdom, stated that Nigerians who apply for school do not necessarily do so because they actually want the education but as a means to an end.

“It’s not like they need the degrees; they need the degrees as an access route into the country. So a lot of these people, their priorities shifted so fast,” he noted.

Following this, the interviewer asked; “So it’s really about getting into the UK?”, to which he answered, “Exactly”, “it’s not really about the education,” he added.

Many netizens have since reacted to his comments, descending the YouTuber who according to them, has dragged the country’s name in the mud.

According to them, the gentleman has not only spoken bad about his fellow citizens but could also possibly have ruined the chances of other Nigerians who genuinely may just want to apply to the UK for further studies and better opportunities.

Here is an excerpt of the interview with Emdee speaking:

‘Sellout’ has since been trending on Twitter with some Tweeps saying;

“You had a good platform and all you could do was sell out your fellow countryman? What’s wrong with Africans?”, one person said.

Another Ghanaian said,

“He sets a new world record as the first African and Nigerian to sell out his countrymen on BBC. A failed YouTuber. Can never be Ghanaian.”

“If e no be nhwehw3nim why you go sellout your own brothers and sisters from Africa who are using the student route to enter the UK?? Are you trying to please the white man or what cos eii. These Nigerians, ah well,” another Ghanaian Tweep said.

Francis Ebuara, a Nigerian actually tagged the BBC in a post, saying;

“Nigerians have been made aware of a video showing your interview with one “Emdee Tiamiyu” who claimed that Nigerians do not go to the UK because they need the degree. For the avoidance of doubt, your interviewee has spoken strictly for himself and not for Nigerians.”

Below are some of the tweets:

Meanwhile, Emdee Tiamiyu has emerged with another video in which he apologized for his comments.

“Speaking in a video he shared on Wednesday morning, he apologised saying that he granted the interview to speak on the challenges that the black community genuinely face.

Below is his apology in video:

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