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 Sonyowura Adamu Kanyiti Bakari to act as Yagbonwura

49220628 Sonyowura Adamu Kanyiti Bakari (left) is caretaker Yagbonwura

Mon, 6 Feb 2023 Source:

Sonyowura Adamu Kanyiti Bakari would henceforth act as the caretaker Yagbonwura in the absence of Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boressah I.

The Sonyonwura becomes the regent upon the demise of a Yagbonwura and for that matter stays at Yagbonwuras Palace to act as the Yagbonwura and to preside over the funeral rites of a demised Yagbonwura.

Sonyowura is the Traditionally the Vice- President of the Gonja Traditional Council.

The Sonyowura sits on the immediate right hand side of the Yagbonwura at all Gonja state gatherings meaning he is next to the Yagbonwura.

The Sonyowura occupies a very important position in the Gonja State and also plays the most important and crucial role with regards to the transition and succession of a Yagbonwura.

According to custom, he becomes the Acting Head of State of the Gonja Kingdom on the death of a Yagbonwura and he administers the affairs of the Gonja State until a new Yagbonwura is selected. The Sonyowura can never ascend the Yagbon Skin.

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