Special Prosecutor has set himself up for abysmal failure; providing excuses – Edudze Tamakloe

Sat, 20 Jul 2019 Source: Kasapa FM

Private Legal Practitioner and member of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) Edudze Tamakloe has slammed the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu accusing him of setting himself for failure in the discharge of his duties.

According to him, regrettably, Mr. Amidu in order to fail abysmally is doing everything possible and providing certain excuses in anticipation of that failure.

The Special Prosecutor, Martin ABK Amidu has served notice he may be compelled to sue the state through the Attorney General following the distractions by some heads of public institutions in corruption-related cases.

In his latest article, Mr. Amidu intimated he cited heads of public institutions as his biggest challenge vis-à-vis his anti-corruption mandate in spite of all the powers conferred upon the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

“What is worrying to this Office as an anti-corruption investigation and prosecutorial agency is the refusal of heads of institutions to take steps to enforce basic rules of discipline governing their institutions even when they know that their officers are under investigation, have been cautioned, bailed, and eventually even charged with corruption and corruption-related offences,” Mr Amidu wrote in his Article.

But commenting on Mr. Amidu’s epistle on News File show on Joy FM, Lawyer Edudzi Tameklo stated that the Special Prosecutor though clothed with enormous powers has done very little to deliver on his mandate.

“When Parliament passed the Special Prosecutor’s Act it gave Mr. Amidu the very power that he laments about that regardless of whoever the person is even without notice to that person go to court to procure a warrant to search and retrieve, take those documents until you’re done with the trial. Now you have not exercised this powers, you have not demonstrated any evidence that you’ve been to court, the court has given you a search warrant and you have taken it up and this particular person impeded or frustrated that process. Mind you if you frustrate him[Special Prosecutor] in the execution of that order it constitutes an office, you have not done any of these. Now you come out to write an epistle to create an impression as though you have done all these things and there are difficulties. The danger is that first of all he Martin Amidu has set himself up for failure and in order to fail abysmally he must provide a certain excuse in anticipation of that failure, regrettably.”

Source: Kasapa FM
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