General News Mon, 17 May 2010

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The Enquirer put out false information - Hobbs

The GIA article, as reported in today's ghanaweb.com (Monday May 17) is false!

There was no interview, no document and no accusations made by me regarding drug activity within the airline.

I left the company in the summer of 2006. I left many friends and professional business acquaintances behind in Accra.

Currently, I am trying to acquire GIA as a privately held company, re-capitalize it, and continue to operate the company for profit.

I am trying to buy, and own, the company - I have no interest in, nor engaged in, sending false accusations to any media outlet in Accra - or anywhere else.

The story reads like this 'revelation' just occurred. It is a false story which fits the parameters for 'libel' against me.

There is no evidence, or documents, to support the allegations regardng 'drugs'.

I did criticize the 'initial' management group of Presbury, Vitale and the Crabbe brothers as being inept, corrupt and professionally unqualified for the positions they held. The evidence, and qualifiyng events, have been recorded publicly that those commenst are true.

However, I have NEVER made accusations that the company was engaged in illicit drug trafficking.

I truly, do not know what to make of the story. Information was obviously forwarded to the media outlet - with the intent to have it published - either in an attempt to damage the prospect of me gaining caontrol of the airline - or for other reasons unknow to me.

I'm baffled!

Len Hobbs | PANACOM LLC | CEO - Director of Operations |

Source: The Enquirer

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