Try me and see if your child won’t die – Schwarzenegger attacks Mzbel again

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Thu, 23 Mar 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

After claims of being responsible for Mzbel’s father’s death, Afia Schwarzenegger has launched new attacks at the former, in their latest online banter.

Earlier, Afia Schwarzenegger, in a Tik Tok live video said she went to a funeral home at night to perform some incantations including pouring libation for Mzbel’s father to die.

She said her action was triggered by Mzbel’s use of a catchphrase from her appreciation video to her benefactors following her father’s death to make a song mocking her.

“I prayed for God to kill your father I say it with a full chest. I prayed by pouring libation, you can ask from ****** Funeral Homes. I went to ****** Funeral Homes at night and poured libation that death should come for your father if it is indeed capable of claiming anyone,” Afia said.

In response, Mzbel tagged Afia as an evil soul who parades herself as a Christian.

“Interestingly u have the energy to pray for my dad to die but couldn't pray for your dad and brother to stay alive.... how evil. This same person will turn around tomorrow and start using the name of Christ to preach and some of u Christians who find her constant attacks and insults on people entertaining will hail her. What a shame,” she wrote on Instagram.

However, it appears that Afia Schwarzenegger does not intend to back out of the banter soon as in the latest development, she has dared Mzbel to speak again if she wants her son dead.

Captured in what looks like an intoxicated state, Afia took to Tik Tok and said,

“If you like, attempt something new. Try something else and see if your child won't die. Try it, just try, just try it. I will curse you.”

The video in which Afia made such utterances has since gone viral with scores of netizens asking Mzbel not to take her words lightly.

They have asked Mzbel to alert the appropriate authorities, following Afia’s earlier claims that she killed the singer’s father.

"Don’t play with your child, report her to the police... if anything happens to your son she will face the law," a social media user wrote.

"She says she killed your dad, she’s given you evidence. Won’t you take her on?? I really don’t understand why both of you just can’t go your separate ways amicably after your failed friendship. If u miss each other then settle erhn because eiii how many years now?" said another.

Watch the video below:


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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