Using quick ways to achieve wealth dangerous – Christians cautioned

Christians Praying File Photo

Sun, 5 Feb 2023 Source: GNA

Reverend Micheal Addoquaye Addo, the District Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, New Aplaku District, says Christians must be careful of using quick ways to achieve worldly things.

He described some of these methods as dangerous and that out of the many ways in life, not all of them lead to the right path.

“People take the easy way of life because they get money faster and easily. When you go outside the country, the money is not just on trees. A lot of people want to enjoy life but instead of going the right way, they want to go the wrong way.”

“They want quick ways of gaining money and some have resorted to lotto, money rituals, sugar mummies and sugar daddies. Students, instead of learning, have focused on cheating,” he noted.

Reverend Adoquaye Addo asked Christians to live a life that would preserve the society and the country.

“We are to preserve the society as Christians. Let us do what is right to preserve society. Holiness and righteousness lift up the country, the Church and the society. Let us walk in righteousness and holiness,” he said.

Source: GNA
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