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'Vodafone is overall best network in Ghana' – Independent survey asserts

Vodafone Ghana has been ranked the overall best mobile network in Ghana by an independent global consulting firm – P3 Communications – headquartered in Germany. The telecom company was ranked the best in voice and second best in data in a comprehensive analysis of Ghana’s mobile telecoms industry for the 2017/18 financial year.

The survey measured several parameters including call set-up, speech quality and drop rates, as well as downloads and uploads speed. In all these, Vodafone Ghana posted strong performances.


Vodafone’s commitment to enhancing customer experience in relation to its service has been recognised by several awarding bodies over the past years. The company says it will remain unrelenting in ensuring its customers receive unmatched experience.

Srabasti Bhattacharjee, Director of Technology at Vodafone Ghana said, “Our network quality is primary to our existence as a company. In a very competitive and connected world, Network Quality is the key differentiator. Over the years, we have invested significantly in ensuring voice quality and mobile internet efficiency for our customers. The results of the study are a direct endorsement of the good work we have put in to ensure that we continue to provide unmatched experience for our customers and to lead the way in the industry.”

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