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Watch Patrice Evra's 'angry' reaction to claim by Arsenal fan that Partey is better than Casemiro

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Wed, 8 Mar 2023 Source:

Former Manchester United defender, Patrice Evra stormed out of the studio when his opinion was sought on the raging debate of Thomas Partey versus Casemiro.

Evra was in full praise of Manchester United midfielder Casemiro, stating that the Brazilian is the club's best signing of the season.

While making his point on Vibe with Five podcast, Evra's former teammate and former Manchester United skipper Rio Ferdinand injected and asked about the Partey-Casemiro comparison, which got Evra out of his seat.

"Someone is asking me who is the best signing of United. I picked Casemiro because he has to play every game. Casemiro I respect him and I respect him. Because yesterday, he wasn't here..."

Ferdinard asked: "There is an ongoing dispute. Do you think that Partey is better than Casemiro?"

Evra reponded: "Par, who?"

Ferdinand then pointed to the Arsenal fan on the panel who holds that Partey is better said ‘he think Partey is better’.

This statement rattled Evra who stood up from his seat and looked to have walked out.

Casemiro has had a significant impact on Manchester United's resurgence as the Reds are back in the title race due to their impressive run of form after the 2022 World Cup. Manchester United are currently 3rd on the table with 49 points.

Meanwhile, Partey has been the conductor of Arsenal's astonishing run this season. He has been instrumental for the Gunners who lead the table with 63 points after 26 games.

Watch how Evra got angry when asked about the Partey-Casemiro comparison in the video below:


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