General News Tue, 4 May 2004

Weather Forecast

There may be showers or thunderstorm activities over forest areas - Meteo

The weather will be variably cloudy and highly humid with much sunshine and high temperatures but higher over the North, the Meteorological Service Department said on Tuesday. However, the afternoon may be engulfed with an approaching weak storm from North-western Nigeria to produce slight rain showers or thunderstorm activities over the forest, hilly and the Northern sectors, becoming severe over Afadzato mountains, Akuapim ridge and Akwamu mountains later in the afternoon and evening.

In the night, the weather would be generally stable, calm and cool with widespread mist or fog patches over sheltered areas in the morning. Maximum and minimum temperatures between 0600 hours on Tuesday and 0600 hours on Wednesday were given as: coastal areas, between 32 an 25 degrees Celsius, forest and mountainous areas, between 34 and 22 degrees Celsius and northern Ghana, between 37 and 26 degrees Celsius.

Source: GNA