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“Why I Do Not Need A Woman In My Life”

Woman is made according to scriptures out of the rib of a man by the Supreme merciful Being whom the cosmos belongs to. The Cosmos they say is controlled by one Man, God, who is high there in His inalienable throne with ultimate supervision over Good and Bad. This brings about the assertion about Woman by both the Christian and Islamic doctrine as the cause of Man’s suffering and problems by asking Adam to succumb to the wish of the serpent. Enough of the gimmick to the substantive issue of “detestation for a WOMAN”

The Scriptures say, a man shall leave his Mum and Dad to a partner to become one flesh. What this means in my candid opinion is that, after several years together, both of them become inseparable by some natural and /or artificial bondage that can make one hate or even kill for the sake of LOVE. This is dangerous since we all know from the onset that, a Woman is the cause of the atrocities committed by human just to salvage the bonded flesh that makes them one. With this, it will be so suicidal to commit one’s life to a woman who at the end is likely to lead you to distraction.

Again, women they say are their own enemies and as such always fight to pull themselves down. The feminine creatures always play second fiddle to the masculine from the origin of creation. This makes female species more vulnerable and many a times fall prey to their male counterparts. A man is most probable stand a brighter opportune of gaining favour from a female boss than same sex to the aforementioned. It is a natural inclination for the female sect to antagonize each other for the basic instinct that separate MAN from WOMAN.

It is indignantly and utterly scandalous to realize the perfidious nature of a WOMAN after a long awaiting while to live eternal life with God’s creation. This self destruction is what the world is heading towards by empowering and advocating the unprincipled rights and activism of the female against natural justice and LAWS governing mankind. If the scriptures explicitly made it apparent to human how and where “MAN” defies His commands for the love of a woman, what prevents “MAN” from abstaining from the very crime that landed him in this self obliteration?

The world is ruled by the wicked who seek to justify every mendacious stance that will bring the world closer to the end time by mitigating reasons based on their own prejudices and judgment that are entirely incongruent to God’s guidance. The African WOMAN was untainted and sterilized with these rules of God until the satanic eye which sees everything outside its lenses as horrific, disfigured the serene African Woman with toxic substances instilled into her brain to wipe away the real love for MAN paving the way for this gruesome adoration of woman.


For instance, a grandmother of 80 from our generation today would have moan her heart out and rise to defend her well nurtured culture and tradition if she were 60 years younger than to sit and /or stand aloof and watch or vamoose the scene and let go some of the happenings in our society today. We keep making reference to civilized societies and modern days treading our own under our feet and unknowingly making mockery of ourselves to the advantage of the proponents of this grimy tradition of feminism. How unwise can “Man” be?

This riposte does not intend to denigrate or pour scorn on the female gender; instead, it is an educative and informative piece that seeks to re-establish the lost traditional woman in our heterogeneous African societies who sees a turbulent situation facing another as a concern of all.

The WOMAN who used to cook for her husband but got missing in the multitude is what this write up is bringing to fore. This piece seeks unity among families and to crave the indulgence of the career woman of her tradition and cultural role. I deem it fit to submit myself to penance, should anyone finds this writing appalling. It is absolutely not my deliberate to malign our opposite sex.

May our LORD lead us to make strides in such for this lost traditional WOMAN. I wish everyone the best of luck in his or her search for this AFRICAN WOMAN.

Kashaa Nuhu babnuh11@yahoo.com

Columnist: Nuhu, Kashaa