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Why do people want to frustrate me to the point where I commit suicide? – Xandy Kamel

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Thu, 8 Dec 2022 Source:

Ghanaian actress cum Socialite, Xandy Kamel, has once again sent signals of a possible intention to commit suicide if the harassment and trolls from Ghanaians do not cease.

Earlier, after Charlie Dior, a fashion critique, lambasted Xandy and likened her body stature to a flower pot, she poured out her frustrations while hinting that the development added to her already existing state of depression.

Xandy who appears fed up with being constantly dragged on social media said she will be compelled to end it all if care is not taken.

“I know I have no fans. I know I have no support. I know I have no one to speak up, encourage or stand for me. But I believe I have God who sees all the hate I get from you guys

who keep pushing me into depression, keep forcing me to commit suicide. One day the anger of God will come upon you all,” she wrote on Instagram

However, statements of suicide once again crept into her submission during her latest interview with Ola Michaels on Neat FM.

Responding to accusations by a former Date Rush contestant, Bella, that she (Xandy Kamel) once accused the former of sleeping with her husband, Xandy said;

”Why all these? Is it because my name has already been tagged with all forms of negativity? Why do people want to frustrate me to the point where I commit suicide? It was in a playful manner. After my marriage ended, I was having a conversation with her and I said in a playful manner that she and her friends wanted my husband. She even said, ma it's not true and everything died there. All these were on a lighter note. Even on that very day, we spoke in the evening before I went to bed so where from all these? This was a girl I once helped. If this is all she has to say about me, then that is fine. Is she saying I never did anything for her?

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