World Bank to support Ghana on Jobs and Skills in the next 5-Yrs

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 Source: Goldstreet Business

The Government of Ghana with the support of the World Bank has designed a Ghana Jobs and Skills Project (GJSP) to support jobs and skills for individuals in the country.

This is expected to be implemented over a period of five years, according to a Jobs and Skills final report by the Ministry of Finance.

The objective of the project is to support skills development, upgrade human capacity for Ghanaians and it also aims at helping the government to better respond to the imperative of creating more decent jobs for the youth and rapidly growing labour force.

The project comprises multiple activities that promote the employment and productivity of workers, as well as initiatives to strengthen the efficiency and capacity of government agencies for the various activities to be implemented under the project.

The project encompasses four components for skills development and job generation.

The first component deals with the provision of apprenticeship and entrepreneurship support to individuals for jobs while the second component has to do with the provision of competitive grants to private enterprises for expanded employment. The third deals with Operationalization of the Ghana Labor Market Information System , Upgrade of District Public Employment and Skills Development Program ; and the final component is for Capacity Development , Technical Assistance and Project Management Support to Coordinating, Implementing, and Partnering Agencies for Enhanced Skills and Jobs Impact.

Implementation of the Project will trigger World Bank Environmental Assessment Policy (OP 4.01), which has resulted in the preparation of an Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) to provide guiding principles for assessment and management of environmental and social aspects of all project delivery processes and activities.

The ESMF will also help to systematically identify, predict and evaluate beneficial and adverse environmental and social impacts of sub-projects and other activities to be financed under the Project. The framework also sets out mitigation, monitoring and institutional measures to be undertaken during implementation and operation of the project to eliminate, off set or reduce any potentially adverse environmental and social impacts.

Source: Goldstreet Business