‘My achievements frightening political opponents’ - Lydia Alhassan

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Go1 airbus
2020-07-31 14:47:56
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‘My achievements frightening political opponents

Another dump called shamu who is in the Bush with cows talking without reading. I hope fools like u will not tell us to respect women when it comes to the running mate of the airbus thief mahama who gave scholarship to three of her children and yet cancelled the teachers and nur allowance. Lydia will win cos that v8 thief can't unseat her simple. Just like how dumps in ndc brought bauxite thief mahama as their leader same way they they choos v8 thief as their candidate and u think we are as stupid as u to vote for thiefs???

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Go1 airbus on Jul 31, 2020 14:47
Re: ‘My achievements frightening political opponen