Horrifying execution of Prince Klaas, the Ghanaian who planned to make Antigua an African state

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Comment: Re: Kolupke: FOOL!

2020-08-08 19:27:34
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Kolupke: FOOL!

How about what is going on today , whereby fellow africans mostly young girls are sent to moslem Arab countries as domestic helps but end up being sexually abused and working for hours without food and pay ?
Do we ever question the so called agents who collect their monies and send them there...?
How about our politicians who are selling everything , all our resources for peanuts and we dont see what they do with the money....All the loans they sign and collect in our names , what do they do with the money?

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Kwabenaghana on Aug 8, 19:27
Re: Kolupke: FOOL!
FOOLISH FOOLS on Aug 8, 16:56